Fort Follies City Street Criterium 2014We seek to empower women in the Fort Collins area to be active and impactful members of our cycling community through riding, racing, and philanthropy. We strongly believe in a positive, supportive, and inclusive team, suited for women of all abilities and disciplines.

Why Fort Follies?
Folly is defined as lacking good sense or an act of foolishness. Well, really, what’s more foolish or lacking sense than 5 hour rides in the dead of winter, hucking your MTB off a big drop, racing a criterium at 30 mph, racing through sandpits on your cyclocross bike, or racing a track bike without brakes! You bet we’re lacking some sense to outsiders, but we have a ton of fun doing it together. We encourage and enable women to get into the sport whether for recreation, to get in shape, or to race competitively.075

Fort Follies women’s cycling club was founded in fall of 2012 when a domestic elite rider decided to ask her community if there was interest in a women’s program to grow the sport and create community locally. Not only was the response overwhelmingly positive but so many women and even companies wanted to get involved in leadership from the get-go. In our few short months, the Fort Follies has grown to over 30 members and counting and developed an incredible leadership team of ambitious women with big dreams.

Where will you find Fort Follies members in the future? You’ll find them on the road, on the trails, and on their cyclocross bikes. Abilities range from those who have just started riding to those who compete in the pro ranks. We seek to be all-inclusive with the focus of creating a positive environment where women can try new things, push themselves, or simply enjoy the company of fellow lady riders. While we do hope to grow the women’s racing scene, we do not force members to race, but rather reduce those intimidation barriers to make that step a little less scary if someone wants to dabble in racing.

IMG_1628In our first year, we hosted on the Fort Follies Women’s Grand Prix at the finish of the USA Pro Challenge Stage 6 in August, 2012.

Poke around and learn more about the Follies, Follow the Fort Follies Fun, and check out our super rad partners. We welcome feedback, questions, words of encouragement and the like through our contact page. Thanks for visiting us!